Sunday, January 11, 2015

Holland State Park ~ 1/11/15

Bitterly cold temperatures of the past few days ended today with a high in the 20s, and the sun was shining, so we decided to see what was going on at Holland State Park. We first noticed the interesting mix of sand and snow, and some of the swirls were quite beautiful.
Footprints and empty swing sets added to the mix.
The sand wasn't all snow-covered but the walkways were beautifully and dangerously covered with ice.
We gingerly made our way down the path. Here are a few shots looking back at the lighthouse.
Dramatic ice!
We stopped at the end of the walkway and decided not to walk onto the icy jetty. The water looked frozen over but we didn't relish a slip and fall into the icy lake.
Others were much bolder.
Although we didn't walk further we did take in the lovely vistas.
Ice was everywhere.
Pylons and ice.
Frozen benches lay along the frozen water, waiting for their time in the sun.
This couple enjoyed the view from a bench in front of the lighthouse, and a lonely tree stood in its sandy soil.
We visited last year on 1/2/14 and found the same bold (foolish?) people walking on the icy jetty but the lake wasn't frozen. Here is that Posting.

Here's to Michiganders who know how to make the most out of winter, hopefully without falling into the lake.

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