Monday, May 24, 2010

Watching An Afternoon Move Into Evening on a Florida Beach

Late afternoon light dances on the waves. The sun plays with clouds and changes the colors of the sea. Green and blue ribbons of water gently roll under the purple and blue slices of sky. Purple now touches the sea forming a harmonious, fluid palette, merging together, pulling apart, hues and positions in constant motion. No photo can capture this beauty.

A brown pelican drops vertically into the sea. After finding his target, he rejoins his squadron. Their formation breaks one at a time after which they float amiably together before synchronously taking off for another flyover.

A team of terns dives on cue, black beaks pointed down and wings folded back. Flighty plovers and sanderlings, like hummingbirds of the shore, move with quick, unending steps, waltzing with the waves on the sand. Stately herons fearlessly and patiently wait by nearby fishermen for any opportunities that may present themselves. 

The setting sun moves from yellow, to orange, then red, and crumples on the horizon, evidenced now only by lit tips of clouds. Pelicans float together offshore forming an island, waiting for sunrise. Orion displays high above, our Michigan winter constellation. It seems out of place in warm weather, but it’s only my perspective that’s off. Orion unwaveringly remains on its celestial course, as the world continues to turn.