Thursday, May 8, 2014

Grand Haven ~ 5/8/14

We haven't been back to Grand Haven since February when we could walk on water ~

Grand Haven 2/15/14 

Today our temps were in the low 80s for the first time in many months so we took a drive out to enjoy the lake. The first thing we saw after we parked were these large kites. Oh wait - there's a person attached to each kite.
These guys are harnessed to their kites and wait for the wind to catch them to grab some air. Impressive but a little scary (from our perspective).

There are new warning signs and a memorial to those who were blown off the pier and and to the people who tried to save them.
The pier is a little more rugged this year with more uneven footing and cracking concrete but we've been warned after all.

The lighthouse today sans ice, and back in February.
Each of these three are holding a smart phone, and the next two have actually ventured into this very cold Lake Michigan.
A few campers have already arrived and are parked behind these dunes, but not worth photographing.
On our way back to the car we found an actual kite flying. Here's to summer maybe finally arriving in Michigan sometime soon.