Saturday, April 21, 2018

Grand Haven and a historic ship ~ 4/21/18

We drove to Grand Haven this afternoon for no specific reason other than to see the pier and the lake. When we got to town we spotted a huge ship in the channel and quickly got out to check it out.
It was slowly moving towards Lake Michigan, being pulled through the channel.
Before it disappeared into Lake Michigan, we drove down to the pier to watch the rest of its journey through the channel.
Zooming in for a few last photos, I got some complete with bird ~ perfect :-)
The ship straightened out in the lake and headed North.
Off she went. For more information on the historic St Marys Challenger (built in 1906 and converted into a barge in 2013), here's an article. And here's a one minute video from today.
The other interesting boat in the above photo is a dredge. It was pumping sand from that side of the channel to this side.
Reclaiming beach.
The dredge looked to me like a bunch of people had tied their boats together for a party.
The pier has a new look with some major repairs completed this year.
No repairs have been made between the lighthouses so that's still rough.
At the end of the pier we found a resting fisherman, a drone, and the iconic lighthouse. Next time we visit, we hope it's above 50 degrees :-)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Grand Haven ~ January 2, 2017

It was 43 degrees on the observed New Year's Day in Michigan and the Grand Haven EarthCam showed people walking on the beach. We hadn't been there since summer so took a drive out to enjoy the weather and a walk. The famous pier was closed in September for repairs and the iconic catwalk had been removed to save it for return after the pier repairs. The pier has an entirely new look.
The walk towards the pier was treacherous, covered with a combination of sand and ice.
There had obviously been some serious weather events out here.
The pier out to the lighthouse was fenced off but people were stepping down to
the ledge, around the fence, to make their way out to the end.
Not even the life preservers were left on the pier so it was
proceeding  at your own risk. And they did.
We made our way down to the beach and appreciated walking in the sand in January.
Some interesting sand formations had formed, and fell, and summer detritus was revealed.

                                          This log had floated in from somewhere.
Many people were enjoying this day at the beach.
And it was a beautiful day.
We'll see you again soon, Grand Haven, and maybe we'll get to walk on water again.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Soyuz docking with the Space Station ~ 7-8-16, for space geeks only :-)

So I knew the Soyuz would be reaching the Space Station tonight and happily I would still be up for the event. I have an app on my phone (ISS onLive) that shows me the station's location at any moment and also displays what the station is seeing (when they're not on the night side obviously). So I decided to follow my phone app along with NASA TV and watch this amazing event that so many people take for granted. This is the series of pictures that I took which show what the station sees, when the station spotted the Soyuz, and when the Soyuz spotted the station. You can see the location progress of the station on the phone app.

 9 1/2 minute video via NASA TV

And today the view the station displays shows the docked Soyuz. Got to love space stuff :-)