Tuesday, February 23, 2021

New Era Potato Chip Silo ~ 10189 E. Grand River Dr, Portland

Here is what might be the most distinctive silo in Michigan. It was painted in the 1950s when New Era chips were big having four plants in the Midwest. Founded in Detroit, the company was later bought by Frito Lay and then closed in 1981.

The silo is iconic and yet so misleading with the silhouette of a thin woman reaching up for those scientifically processed potato chips. But I'm happy it's still there. 😊


Henry's Hamburgers ~ 1832 M 139, Benton Harbor

This is the only remaining location of a franchise that used to extend coast to coast (founded by the Bressler Ice Cream people). The Benton Harbor location opened in 1959 and this is obviously not the original building. But it's still a nice piece of Americana. 😊
We took a drive through yesterday.
You may also pick up a $10 t-shirt when you're there 😀
Our first visit was back in August under blue skies.
 Take a ride through the next time you're in the area. 

Epaphroditus Ransom ~ March 24, 1798 - November 11, 1859

Here in Mountain Home Cemetery in Kalamazoo at the top of a hill lies the 7th Governor of Michigan (1848-1850) and the first to be inaugurated in the new Capital of Lansing. He also served as the Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court from 1843-1847.
We found his gravesite yesterday and his tombstone is really hard to read but here it is.
A G.A.R. veteran marker was lying down and I propped it up but wondered why he has one considering that G.A.R. was founded in 1866 and Ransom died in 1859.
Kalamazoo has a Ransom historic marker that mentions how as judge he prevented the removal of Catholic Potawatomi Native Americans from their lands. Just the Catholics? More questions.
So here is just a small piece of Michigan history about a man with a really long first name who Kalamazoo remembers.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Del Shannon and Michigan ~ 12/30/34 - 2/8/90

Born in Grand Rapids (I couldn't find where), Charles Westover grew up in Coopersville in this house.
His music is his legacy and sadly he ended his own life in 1990 while living in California. His ashes may be scattered but the music world still remembers him.

Del Shannon first performed "Runaway" in the Hi-Lo club located on this spot in Battle Creek.
The historical museum in Coopersville has a small collection of Del Shannon memorabilia.
I expected more somehow but still appreciated this museum with its little alcove devoted to Del.
Coopersville remembers its favorite son with a huge car show every year. He probably would have liked that.


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Sojourner Truth 1797 - 1883 ~ Battle Creek, Michigan

The snow was deeper than we anticipated when we arrived at Oak Hill Cemetery in Battle Creek today.
Up to my knees 😮
It was a minor inconvenience in order to visit her grave.
There is a large sculpture of Sojourner in downtown Battle Creek.
Her real name and why she changed it.
The only known example of her signature.
What a woman and what a life 💗
(Mural in Battle Creek)