Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tini Bikini Building, and late sun with Ali and Flowers ~ 4/23/15

The day started with another tour of the recently purchased ex-Tini Bikini Bar, soon to become the new home of Heartside Ministry & Art Studio.
I hadn't been in the basement yet due to the dark and lack of flashlights. And here it is - eww!
The main floor and the two upper floors looked the same other than water damage that occurred over the winter.
And repairs of the front from the driving-into-the-window-incident last year revealed original tiling and a painted over tin ceiling.
The musty smell and bad atmosphere were palpable to everyone.
Back home, the sun finally came out and I was surprised by a visit from a Purple finch, rarely seen in my yard.
Fat cat Ali enjoyed the late sun, sitting in front of the cat door that she can barely fit through :-)
Some flowers were sitting pretty in the late sun, and if you prematurely planted annuals, you'd better bring them in or cover them. We're expecting freezing temperatures tonight. Winter's last hurrah!

Tini Bikini Photos to date

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Smokey and Spring ~ 4/18/15

We finally hit the 70s and no Michigander would have been caught dead inside today.  A little yard work was in order and then relaxing with Smokey who is all about relaxing.
It finally got a little warm for this fat cat and she had to find shade.
She later joined me for a little reading and appreciated the newly cleaned out birdbaths.
It's staying light so wonderfully long now and I like to take a pass through the yard and the edge of the woods to take photos in the setting light. Hyacinths and forsythia are joining the daffodil party, and what could be better than flowers, happy cats, and happy people in this long-awaited happy spring. Cheers!


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Random Moments of a Day ~ 4/16/15

I love my job. But having said that, I really love my days offThe work/off ratio is 3:2 so those two days are treasures. And today was no exception. After lounging about drinking tea, reading the news, and doing laundry, I met my son for lunch at Murphy's Family Restaurant that we found by driving down Lake Michigan Drive looking for a restaurant we'd hadn't already been to.
It was old timey dining at its best. The waitresses knew the customers and my son was the youngest person there by decades. The breakfasts were fine and just what you would expect in a small town, family-owned place.
A stop at Mejjers to pick up a few things found no carts available and a suited employee on the phone trying to find out what went amiss.
Some photos from the road gave me men not working and smart phones at bus stops.
Back home the cheery daffodils called to me for more photos and I took these laying down on the driveway. It's not so easy getting up so appreciate the angles :-)
And the lovely Smokey is always around to keep me company. Cheers to enjoying the random moments of each day, wherever you are!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Daffadowndilly ~ 4/12/15

The title is credited to Nathaniel Hawthorn but the poem is uncredited, other than to Mother Goose. Slight variations exist but here's the one that makes the most sense rhythmically:
Has come up to town,
In a yellow petticoat
And a pretty green gown.
Today was the first day the daffodils bloomed in my yard so daffadowndilly cheers to you all!