Monday, June 20, 2016

Walking in Carl Creek Preserve ~ 6/20/16

This eight something acre site used to hold a ramshackle home about half way back between Grand River and Fulton. When the house went up for sale, we checked it out and though it was advertised as vacant, there was obviously someone living there, hobo style. Due to the wetlands and Carl Creek running throughout the property, it eventually was purchased by Ada Township to be preserved as a wetland area (2011). But no real access was provided until 2015 when the township had footpaths and bridges put in. Now you can walk from Grand River to Fulton, with multiple paths all circling back upon each other.
I walked onto the property a few times back in July 2015 to see what was happening, and here are some of those photos:
And a few weeks later,
By the fall it was walkable but this was my first time there in 2016. Mosquitoes were a little thick but as long as one kept moving it was ok. Obviously no motorized vehicles are allowed.
Plant life is lush and poison ivy is rampant, mixed in with Dicentra and Trillium, and more.

This is Dame's Rocket, the 4 petal invasive species frequently confused with Wild Phlox (5 petals).
Fallen blossoms
The farthest path leads one to a view of Fulton Street and some apartments/condos that are probably none to thrilled with this development. And then it circles back. After a few other circuitous routes, I headed back to the entrance.
Immediately it became apparent that rain was headed this way so after a few photos and a picked-up pace, I headed home, just in front of the rain.
Happy Summer Solstice and Full Moon today, not happening again on the same day for sometime.

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