Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Grand Haven State Park ~ 3/22/16

It was about 51 degrees at home and for a lunch break, we drove out to Grand Haven to see what the lake was doing.
There were fairly large swells in the channel but on the other side of the pier, the waves were breaking. With the wind chill, the temperature fell back into the 30s.

This man on a rock kept inadvertently photobombing us while he was climbing up but we finally managed to get our picture on this very windy day.

Until next time Grand Haven!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Early Spring is Stark ~ 3/15/16

I haven't taken this walk for months and it was good to be outside on a 50 degree day. The landscape is a bit bleak yet but holds beauty of its own.
Little signs of spring are appearing, however.
Along with those, the damage from the winter is also revealed (the 1st photo is from 3/8 with some snow still on the ground).
I also found a new friend down at the PreSchool Farm, who trotted up to greet me.
Cheers to spring and to finding beauty everywhere at any time of year.