Saturday, November 29, 2014

Major Snowstorm, Day 6 of 6 ~ 11/21/14

Finally, it stopped snowing and the driveway was clear enough for me to feel comfortable driving down (though I can usually get down) and confident that I'd be able to get back up.
This was my first time back at work since Monday and I took my usual lunchtime walk.
By Monday, 11/24, only patches of snow could be found due to mild temperatures and rain. This was the snowiest November on record, and hang on for the rest of winter, Grand Rapids!

Major Snowstorm, Day 5 of 6 ~ 11/20/14

Day 5 ~ more of the same, chairs filling up with snow and long-hanging icicles.
Phone shot weather forecast.
A little sun came out on and off in the afternoon, rotating with additional snowing.
Some leaves are still hanging on with the snow.
Also weird is that someone walked up my driveway ~ a little creepy.
The same chairs later in the day, and a goofy selfie. Day 5 comes to an end.

Major Snowstorm, Day 4 of 6 ~ 11/19/14

Day 4 and this is getting old. Called in to work because of the driveway and continued snow, and took a look around. The patio swing chairs are my marker and they are getting buried.
Branches are holding so much snow, as are the roof and the evergreens.
Huge icicles formed overnight and as usual, Smokey accompanied me on my brief walk about.
Day 4 of snowpocalypse ends.

Major Snowstorm, Day 3 of 6 ~ 11/18/14

Waking up the next morning, this was my view.
What I thought was strange behavior for a bird, flying flying back and forth in front of my window, ended up being a disoriented bat. He was looking for a place to roost, I think, first in the back of the house and then in front. He eventually took off to hopefully a more suitable place.
Some backyard views.
Most of us wanted to stick our heads in the sand, uh er snow, until spring :-)
Smokey started the day protesting the snow but ended up going bonkers, rolling in the snow like the puppy she is. Cheers to mad cats!