Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holland State Park ~ 1/2/14

It was my day off today, and Roy & I decided to see what the lakeshore looked like in Holland.  Just for the record, the temperature was 12 degrees F with the wind chill factor bringing it down to -4 degrees F. It was stark and sparsely populated.
These crazy people walked out on the ice-covered jetty, slipping and sliding as they went.
Ice was flowing over the edge and an ice fence had formed.
The other jetty was uninhabited, just visited by gulls and ducks.
The no wake zone regulation is still in effect :-),
and the lighthouse is always beautiful in winter.
This "house" on the shore is unbelievable and reeks of excess,
but that's just me.You Michiganders know of whom I speak.
  Here's to the beauty of Lake Michigan and its shore.

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