Sunday, January 18, 2015

Grand Haven, Michigan ~ 1/17/15

After visiting Holland State Park last weekend and seeing some dramatic ice, we drove out to Grand Haven to see what the wind and freeze had done to the pier there. It was dramatic.
Last year in February we and hundreds of others were walking on water. Today the lake was not nearly as frozen and we were surprised to see people out as far as they were.
The lake looked like broken glass.
People were taking photographs everywhere and every which way.
We didn't make it all the way to the end of the pier because it was incredibly icy so we bailed about halfway.
I think you can forget about the life preserver and call box for now.
The waves must have been incredible at some point to create this ice.
The biggest surprise was back in town. We had no idea that Pronto Pups were worth this wait :-)
There are more Grand Haven Photos on flickr  but these are representative of our visit today. Most of us claim to hate winter but where else can you see an amazing Pronto Pup line, incredible ice, and an arctic landscape in one afternoon? Just be careful using these ladders and walking out onto the water.

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