Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Saga of our Garden 2013

Planted on 5/27, the garden was a new experiment for limited bending or kneeling.
All plants were organic and it started out very promising.
By June 14, things were growing splendidly.
Here's the 5/27 and 6/14 combination photo:
 By July, the broccoli had bolted but we did get one lettuce harvest and a huge cucumber.
By early September, we had peppers and another cucumber.
  On October 1 we had our intrepid tomatoes still going strong.
But on October 22, it was all over with the first frost threatened.
The remaining tomatoes were brought in as was the potted thyme.
Next year we're thinking a few raised beds off the patio...
And lastly, Roy's version of garden art ~
 Until next spring...

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