Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Autumn 2013

With tomatoes still ripening on October 1, it was easy to believe it was still summer.
But the fall crocus were blooming, lovely to behold but sad knowing it's the last flower to be seen until spring.
A visit to Meijer Gardens on 10/24 brought forth these lovely colors:

A souvenir from a recent trip to muggy Savannah and more beautiful leaves on 10/26.
The colors just kept on coming...
On this rainy Halloween, the last flower still hung on.
The next day brought more leaves and roses.
On November 2, it was still beautiful.
Downtown Grand Rapids also enjoyed fall beauty.
Photo taken on 11/10, and now two days later, the leaves are down,

and the fat man is on duty.

Enjoy the last rose of summer, 11/12/13.

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