Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Salmon are Jumping!

It was a lovely day today in Grand Rapids and we began it at Westsider Cafe. It's a popular place and after a 15 minute wait, we had our booth. For the first time in our recollection, our orders were the same, except for the toast. The polish skillet was irresistible.
Rachael had to head off to work, and Matt & I went to watch "On the Waterfront" on the big screen - such a fine movie.
Afterwards we checked out the fish ladder, where the parking lot was full and the salmon were running.
(Above is the only photo I've managed to date where 
I photographed a climbing salmon, from 2011.)
Fishermen were out, as were photographers.
An ineffective fence stands nearby by with a mysterious log
we're looking for the Twin Peaks Log Lady :-)
Matt texted me the movie theater pics while waiting for the fish to jump.
Cheers to a lovely fall day in Grand Rapids!
Flooded Fish Ladder last spring 

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