Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dinner/Theatre Club - 11/23/13

We attend three Civic Theatre performances a year and those evenings we dine at the Cottage Bar before the show. Every two months when we're not at the Civic, we take turns choosing a local, casual restaurant to just enjoy dinner together.

So tonight it was dinner and no theatre, with my choice at the Rezervoir Lounge, previously known as the Sazerac Lounge, before the threatened lawsuit (see link).

The reservation was made via facebook messaging with the restaurant, and we
made it early enough to avoid the live music (so we could talk) and also exit
before the appearance of the roller derby girls, which we probably would have enjoyed :-)
We settled into our table for 11 and several of us decided to start with the restaurant's previous namesake, the Sazerac. Powerful and delicious.
New Orleans food and beverage is featured, and miscellaneous appetizers were shared all around. Entrees consist of burgers, red beans and rice, the lovely jambalaya and more.
But it's more about the company, so cheers to friends who like to hang out!


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