Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Grand Haven ~ January 2, 2017

It was 43 degrees on the observed New Year's Day in Michigan and the Grand Haven EarthCam showed people walking on the beach. We hadn't been there since summer so took a drive out to enjoy the weather and a walk. The famous pier was closed in September for repairs and the iconic catwalk had been removed to save it for return after the pier repairs. The pier has an entirely new look.
The walk towards the pier was treacherous, covered with a combination of sand and ice.
There had obviously been some serious weather events out here.
The pier out to the lighthouse was fenced off but people were stepping down to
the ledge, around the fence, to make their way out to the end.
Not even the life preservers were left on the pier so it was
proceeding  at your own risk. And they did.
We made our way down to the beach and appreciated walking in the sand in January.
Some interesting sand formations had formed, and fell, and summer detritus was revealed.

                                          This log had floated in from somewhere.
Many people were enjoying this day at the beach.
And it was a beautiful day.
We'll see you again soon, Grand Haven, and maybe we'll get to walk on water again.

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