Saturday, July 9, 2016

Soyuz docking with the Space Station ~ 7-8-16, for space geeks only :-)

So I knew the Soyuz would be reaching the Space Station tonight and happily I would still be up for the event. I have an app on my phone (ISS onLive) that shows me the station's location at any moment and also displays what the station is seeing (when they're not on the night side obviously). So I decided to follow my phone app along with NASA TV and watch this amazing event that so many people take for granted. This is the series of pictures that I took which show what the station sees, when the station spotted the Soyuz, and when the Soyuz spotted the station. You can see the location progress of the station on the phone app.

 9 1/2 minute video via NASA TV

And today the view the station displays shows the docked Soyuz. Got to love space stuff :-)


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