Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Visit to Grand Haven ~ 8/9/14

Another beautiful day in Michigan brought us to Grand Haven for lunch and to take in the sights. We started out on the upper deck of the Kirby House and rather wished that these trees were topped :-) Bruschetta and the Kirby sandwich followed this up.
We saw the Pirate welcome for the Pirate Festival but didn't spot a pirate anywhere.
The beach was busy,
and the Pier is always an interesting walk.
There was a lot of fishing, jumping, and paddle boarding going on.
A beautiful sailboat cruised the pier and the lighthouse, which is undergoing renovation.
Then we came across a wedding party posing on the pier, waiting for the bride.

This couple was watering their dog, while the next couple reflected complete relaxation.
Cheers to enjoying the rest of summer!

Grand Haven ~ 5/18/14 

Frozen Grand Haven ~ 2/15/14

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