Sunday, July 27, 2014

The weekend I went to Chicago to see Billy Joel and almost came home with a pacemaker ~ 7/18 - 7/21/14 - Part 1 of 2

Yeah that happened. We left Grand Rapids for Chicago Friday morning to enjoy Chicago before the 8pm concert in Wrigley Field. And it was a lovely day. We checked into the Holiday Inn, Mart Plaza, River North, and were delighted with our view of the river, the lobby, the cityscape bar, and the nearby Pez Heads outside of the Merchandise Mart.

We needed appetizers and a beverage and so stopped at the first sidewalk place we found, Moe's Cantina.
Then we strolled around town and took in the ambiance that is Chicago.


Time for dinner before the 8:30 concert at Wrigley Field, and we started out just to imbibe at the Billy Goat Tavern but ended up digging into their cheezborgers. But before that we crashed the Kuo dinner party :-)

Then we were off on the train to Wrigley Field.
Waiting for Billy Joel ~ in the nose bleed section but the performance was incredible, even from here.

His 5 number encore was amazing as well as the entire slick performance. He and his entourage know how to put on a show, although we could do without the blinding lights shining into the audience, uh, our eyes. The long line to catch the train back to our hotel was disconcerting but we persevered and made it back without calling a cab. Nightcap back at the CityScape Bar was a fitting ending to this excellent day. Tomorrow everything would change.

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