Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Goat Stuck His Tongue Out At Me

The day started off with a 2 mile walk on Grand River Drive from Alta Dale to Fulton, my usual. There was a branch down over the path from last night's storm but otherwise it was a tranquil walk, always enhanced by Holiday Farm views.

There's a rusted out old Mercedes for sale.
 And the animals at the pre-school were less than friendly today.

Yes, he is sticking his tongue out at me :-)
This uphill climb on my driveway is always my last hurdle.
And apparently if you don't want to dig a hole for your posted address, you can just stick it in a bucket - well done, neighbor :-)
Later on Matt and I had a lovely lunch at Graydon's Crossing but were tormented by persistent gnats. We survived and enjoyed the new, smaller menu and the always great service.

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