Thursday, June 14, 2012

Adventures In Driving, Or Never Back Down Our Driveway If You Drive a Cement Truck - 6/14/12

The day started out smoothly enough. The concrete guys were here first to finalize the forms for the patio, the guy with the pumping machine arrived next, and lastly the cement truck. 
All he had to do was keep the drum turning and the concrete discharging, while the other guys worked on the patio in back. 
A few hours later, his services were no longer required and he set out to head to the next job. To my surprise, instead of maneuvering a 3-point turn, he proceeded to back down the driveway. Our driveway is a sharp S-curve and on a hill, and it's difficult to back up or down in a car. But being suitably impressed with what I assumed were his driving skills, I started to photograph him.
Looking to his left,
Still looking to his left,
Telephone pole coming up photo left,
At this point I watched him pull forward and move into reverse, repeatedly, and the telephone pole, which contains our power and cable lines, going with him. As I rushed out of the house, I saw the cement guy yelling at him to stop. The driver had no idea what havoc he was causing. He just knew he was stuck on something.
A tricky situation indeed. The driver's boss was called and came out with a mechanic and they decided they'd have to blow-torch-trim the bumper to extricate the truck. They'd be back in an hour. In the meantime, the driver was left to his own devices. He cleaned the truck and rued his actions (I'm assuming).
The cavalry arrived and the sparks flew.
At one point I was asked to move when they had the truck shift the telephone pole back into alignment. Then I was asked for a hammer, and the shovel-holder (company owner) banged off the offending piece of bumper. 
They propped up the pole, filled in the truck tracks, and offered to replace a decimated bush. Solid company. We'll have the electric company evaluate the pole but at least it still stands.
Drive forward, my friends!