Thursday, May 17, 2012

Grand River Drive Walk - 5/17/12

Something was obviously amiss at the intersection.
I traversed on and found Dame's Rocket, masquerading as always as Wild Phlox, and Virburnum that's perhaps more notable in the fall/winter for its berries.
I circled up through the cemetery and was touched by the care taken of this tombstone, so old the dates were worn away.
Passing Holiday Farm, I decided to see what was happening, if anything, with Carl's Creek Preserve. 
All I found was this bridge to a neighboring property and an old chair that brought "Psycho" to mind. I didn't investigate further.
                                            I love my Grand River Drive neighbors :-)
Sometimes the sounds of nature are as pleasant, or more so, than the sights but I was lucky enough today to both hear and see Orioles and Bluebirds. After a visit to the horses, I headed back, just in time to see the stop sign being put in place, the perfect bookend to my walk. But before that I felt a little sorry for the bugs caught in this web. Be careful out there, my friends.

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