Sunday, October 18, 2009


Lawn mower, leaf blower, power drill, chain saw, power washer, hedge trimmer - I’m sure there are more. You hear them constantly. They are part of the motorized noise that consistently disturbs a peaceful day or evening. I love the all-too-short spring, summer, and fall seasons of Michigan but they are decimated by noise, and we live away from traffic noise in the country (well, not in the city anyway; I can see a few neighbors). The serenity of winter is disturbed to a lesser degree by snow plows and snow blowers because our windows are closed.
Ok, mechanized civilization gives us more free time, less backache, and more efficiency. The tools are necessary and essential for our current life styles but I still despise the noise. Even a door slamming makes me cringe. When a lawn mower fires up, I’m closing the windows. Only when external noise is turned off or shut out, can internal peace be obtained.
More efficient than hand tools, and a huge time saver, motorized implements are an ever-present required part of our lives. But forgive me if I occasionally use a dust pan and brush or pick up a broom to sweep the back deck.
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