Friday, March 15, 2019

RIP AliCat ~ 3/15/19

We found you about ten years ago when you were pencil-thin and paranoid. You finally left the garage and your cat house after three months and continued to be a sweet and weird cat who ventured forth only when the weather was nice. You loved the sun but you loved your heated cat house the most.
Smokey eventually accepted you, although not as an equal, and you tolerated your secondary position well.
You didn't like being handled and going to the vet was a paralyzing experience.
Last night you barely reacted when I brought you your treat as you lay in your little house and we feared the worst. This morning you were gone. We will miss your sweet, strange, and wonderful little self.❤


  1. Cats come into our lives as unique individuals. The memories that they leave means that they do not disappear...They live on in our memories and the stories we can share.Thanks for sharing!