Monday, February 1, 2016

Back Among the Living ~ 2/1/16

We had a weekend trip to Detroit 1/15 - 1/17, and on the ride home I started to get an irritating, dry cough. Monday back at work it was worse and I ended up being home the rest of the week, finally caving to see the doctor the following Monday. Viral infection on the verge of pneumonia so antibiotics were in store. They started immediately to reduce the  coughing-up-a-lung cough so by Tuesday, 1/26, I was starting to feel slightly better.

In the meantime, I had to call out an anti-antibiotic facebook comment made to me (we all know they don't have an impact on viral infections but do impact bacterial infections, thank you very much), saw a lot of movies, read up on the International Space Station, and watched the snow come down. Snowing

I finally felt well enough to leave the house on Friday, 1/29, and met my son, Matt, for lunch. It had been far too long and a-lunch-a-week is our thing. The best Thai food in Grand Rapids you will find at Bangkok Taste Cuisine.
Then I stopped in to work ~ I felt bad for missing so much time and wanted to catch up at least for a few hours. Almost immediately I was asked to take pictures of this gentleman and of course I obliged.
He wants copies to send to someone (Monday morning he asked me if prints were ready - sigh). So it was good to be out on Friday but I was ready to be home. Saturday evening brought on the symphony and a pre-symphony dinner. Thanks to wine, water, and halls cough drops, I safely made it through the evening, which was magnificent.
We watched a wonderful Musical Director Candidate direct a fabulous program but we still like this guy from a few weeks ago.
Sunday morning found me sleeping until 10 (did I mention that I've been sleeping 10+ hours a night since I got sick?). But I was up in time to meet our small group (InsideOut) at Gravel Bottom Brewery by noon.
And there was more to come on Sunday. With tickets for the auto show, four of us headed down in the afternoon to see what we could see. Auto Show

So out of the house once on Friday for lunch and work, once on Saturday for dinner and symphony, and now twice on Sunday for two events. After not leaving the house for almost two weeks (except for the doctor), this was an amazing weekend and I managed to join the world of the living, happily, once again. Cheers to all for good health and good times! "Life is short and no one gets out alive."

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