Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tini Bikini Building, and late sun with Ali and Flowers ~ 4/23/15

The day started with another tour of the recently purchased ex-Tini Bikini Bar, soon to become the new home of Heartside Ministry & Art Studio.
I hadn't been in the basement yet due to the dark and lack of flashlights. And here it is - eww!
The main floor and the two upper floors looked the same other than water damage that occurred over the winter.
And repairs of the front from the driving-into-the-window-incident last year revealed original tiling and a painted over tin ceiling.
The musty smell and bad atmosphere were palpable to everyone.
Back home, the sun finally came out and I was surprised by a visit from a Purple finch, rarely seen in my yard.
Fat cat Ali enjoyed the late sun, sitting in front of the cat door that she can barely fit through :-)
Some flowers were sitting pretty in the late sun, and if you prematurely planted annuals, you'd better bring them in or cover them. We're expecting freezing temperatures tonight. Winter's last hurrah!

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