Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Grand Haven ~ 11/30/14

Three feet of snow are gone and being a relatively mild but breezy, drizzly day we thought we take a drive to Grand Haven. It was pretty deserted except for a handful of people, a lone fisherman, and a bicyclist ~ riding on the very windy pier.
The pier was damp and the wind picked up as the temperature continued to drop the farther we walked out onto the pier. We considered ourselves warned.
This is about as far as we walked out. The wind was strong, at least 20 mph. Roy to me: You're not going to blow off the pier. Me to Roy: Thought everyone who was ever blown off the pier.
So we turned around. A view looking back showed some whitecaps and the requisite graffiti.
Although no people were on the beach, the shoreline was very busy with ducks and seagulls, who were obviously finding all good things.
Getting your ducks in a row.
Although we were bundled up, the bitter wind prevented us from walking much further towards town. In the car heading out of town, we pulled in at the popular summer place, Butch's Beach Burritos, which was closed for the season as always (open April-Sept).
But lo and behold, Spring Lake now has its own branch (opened in 2013 I believe). Located behind a gas station in a strip mall, the place doesn't have the same character as the original. But if you are craving one of the beach burritos off season (although not on the beach), stop in and get your taste of summer.

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