Saturday, November 29, 2014

And...The Snow is Gone ~ 11/29/14

The results from our first major snowstorm (a posting yet to come) have pretty much disappeared due to our subsequent mild weather that included rain. Three feet of snow - poof! Today was a day in the 40s with some sun so it was a perfect day to check out the landscape. And it was lovely.
It could be a fall landscape (I guess officially it is) but for the lack of leaves.
Starlings were taking turns leaving this tree in batches.
The "pond" (part of the flood plain) is unfrozen, and I spotted this man and his dog in the far distance walking along the tree line next to the river.
Going past the pre-school, I found this horse checking out the goat house. Anybody home?
He finally gave it up and went to harass the miniature horse (?) with the straight cut bangs.
I came home to find a big-tailed Smokey on the alert. We've had a neighborhood cat coming around, even daring to head into the garage to eat the cat food when Smokey's not on duty. Here's to casting a big shadow on a sunny day!

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