Thursday, September 25, 2014

Walking the Ecosystem Preserve, Calvin College, Grand Rapids MI ~ 9/25/14

Like it or not, Fall is fast approaching. And today was beautiful and we wanted a walk somewhere other than Roselle Park. Then I remembered a friend mentioning a nature walk at Calvin College and we decided to check it out. And it is fabulous. Here's the welcoming gate and path (sorry, no dogs, bikes, or running - we're totally cool with that).
This is the forest primeval (thank you, Longfellow).
But humans always make their mark, for good or mostly for bad.
The paths diverge throughout the preserve and offer various outlooks on marshes and ponds.
It's a lovely, woodsy walk.
Interesting to see the Safety Phones scattered throughout. A nice college version of the old pay phone or highway emergency phones (that were always out of commission).
Signs warned us to stay on the path and we heeded the warnings.
It was nice to see some fall flowers in the few places that receive sunlight, and a shroom.
We saw a total of four people here this afternoon, one of whom walked through the Restricted Area Gate, free as you please. We almost followed but decided to save that for another day.
So cheers to finding new paths to walk and enjoying the beauty of Autumn!

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