Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Morning Walk - 7/9/13

Holiday Farm is always beautiful, even when half under water during the recent flood. But today it was peaceful and serene.
 You can also pick up an old tractor if you're inclined.
Walking past Canterbury Creek Farm pre-school is always a treat and today a lovely goat was off his bridge and came to greet me. For a second I thought he was coming through the fence, and then I worried that he couldn't get back in, but he obviously has mastered his moves.
 On my way back, I climbed the cemetery to avoid this noisy interruption
dogging my heels and disturbing the tranquility.
 It's a peaceful place where I see headstones of people I once knew,
and others that are a big part of Ada history. 
Wishing you all peace & tranquility!

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