Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wild Turkey

Not the medium-bodied Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey with a rich, amber hue, 
but the gobble-gobble variety.

Last April a lone hen walked through the yard.  

A few days ago, a hen returned but this time accompanied by two toms.
Everyone took a turn at shaking tail feathers and it wasn’t clear just who was impressing whom.
Somewhere in the late 1800s, wild turkeys no longer existed in Michigan due to destruction of habitat and hunting. In 1954, 784 specimens from Pennsylvania were introduced and wild turkeys became numerous once again.  
I’ve never seen it but it is said that wild turkeys can fly, and quite fast for short distances.
These three don’t qualify as anything much more than a trio, but if you do happen along a group of turkeys, the official collective noun for them is rafter.  Other unofficial but sometimes used names include flock, gang, or goggle. That’s for your next trivia quiz.

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