Thursday, January 7, 2021

Ada Cemetery, 6340 Grand River Dr SE, Ada MI

 Being just over a mile from my old house, this is a cemetery I've walked through many times, and like most cemeteries, it is peaceful and interesting.
Here is Emiel Peters, a horse shoer at Camp Custer in Michigan, John Waltz, a Civil War Veteran, and W.L. Stinson, a member of the Michigan Cavalry.
Epitaphs are always fascinating.
Visitors leave curious but meaningful things, to them, at gravesites.
The Independent Order of Odd Fellows is represented but with no details.
Some people like to pre-plan.
Kenneth Hood-Hood has since passed away and is surrounded by his family.
Having lived in Ada for more than 30 years and having attended a local church for that long, there are people residing here that I have personally known and I am always happy to stop by and pay my respects. The DeYoungs were among the first to welcome us to our new church.
The Kamp sisters were staples in the back pew of church for years and I never knew they lost a brother in WWII until I found his memorial stone.
The Carlsons are still with us.
Anna was our neighbor for many years.
Lynne was hilarious and a wonderful woman, as was Barb.
The son of a dear friend went way too soon.
And this WWII vet fought at the Battle of the Bulge.
The older portion of the cemetery is off Grand River Drive (newer sites are off Fulton).
Many veterans of many wars are resting here.
Rix Robinson could, and probably does, have a book written about him but is considered to be a founder of West Michigan and was a noted fur trader among many other things. He resides high on a hill.
A stone memorial for his two Native American wives lies down below, just off Grand River Drive.
Here's the perspective looking up the hill to Rix and then down from Rix to their stone.
At least they have a stone? The placement is still irritating.
There are always cemetery mysteries to solve and this place has been one of my favorites.


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