Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Fantasy Forest, 922-970 W. Michigan Avenue, Battle Creek MI

We found this place by accident last winter while driving to Battle Creek last February. What the heck was it? The snow was so deep we could only take a few photos from afar.
In May we stopped again for a more thorough visit. The small park is located in the larger Leila Arboretum and these ash trees were killed by the emerald ash borer. In 2015, a sculpture competition was held and this creative fantasy forest is the result. It's a great use of dead trees 😔
(The emerald ash borer was first discovered in southeast Michigan in 2002. It is now found in at least 35 states and has killed hundreds of millions of ash trees in North America. Eradication of the beetles is no longer feasible.)
Look at these amazing owls and owlets!
I am Groot 😊
Family Tree
Gnome Village was super cute.
Several sculptors carved out photo opportunities because who doesn't love those 😉
This charming park is free of charge.

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